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Open source
All sources are free to use within the limits of the GPL external link
Geocoding external link of photos
Presentation of geocoded photos on a world map
Enriching photos by giving them multiple tags, e.g. placenames
Tag cloud to find fast photos
RAW support
Basic RAW external link image support for NEF (Nikon) and CR2 (Canon)
Generation of full scale preview images
Easy to use GUI
Intuitively usable GUI
GPX external link and KML external link export of all geocoded photos
CSV external link export of all data
Webgallery creation
Simple and individually adjustable templates
Presentation of all geocoded photos in an interactive map
Advanced stuff
Statistics of all your photos
Summit log synchonized with your photo directories
Easily expandable GUI
Installer package
Lossless saving of all data in EXIF fields
Simple JPEG and RAW editing functions
Ability of using more image formats
Tell me, what features would be useful ;-)
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