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Feel free to send me feedback about this project. If its positive (what I hope), it will motivate me to continue ;-). Advertising mails are not welcome and will be filtered out by my spam filter. If you like this project and would like to thank and support the author, please consider making a donation to unicef external link. Thank you.
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The following projects have been included into the Photo Toolkit - only open source of course. The full licence texts can be found on their web sites or in the /libs/ folder of the project.
Metadata Extractor drewnoakes.com external link
Extraction of metadata of the Photo, e.g. EXIF
Licence: ????
SWT eclipse.org external link
GUI for the same look and feel as the used operating system
Licence: Mozilla Public License
Log4J logging.apache.org external link
All logging of the program
Licence: Apache licence
JDOM jdom.org external link
XML creator and parser
Licence: Apache-like licence
Vista-Inspirate kde-look.org external link
Nice icons for the GUI
Licence: GNU General Public License
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